Morbid Saint, Nailed Shut

Morbid Saint

Nailed Shut

Ghost Hook, Mastiff, BlackThorne

Sat · April 21, 2018

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm (event ends at 1:00 am)


Morbid Saint
Morbid Saint
Morbid Saint was formed in 1982 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA.

In 1988 they release their first demo "Lock Up Your Children". It was a limited edition of only 400 copies and it was distributed in shows by the band only. This demo was later released by the mexican label Avanzada Metálica as "Spectrum Of Death" LP, with only a slight difference in the sound (pitch and tempo). The producer was Eric Greif, the owner of Edge Entertainment and the manager of Chuck Schuldiner.

In 1992 they released "Destruction System" demo.

They split up in 1994 and reunited in 2010.

Current line-up:
Pat Lind - vocals (1988-1994 & 2010-present)
Jay Visser - guitar (1982-1994 & 2010-present)
Kevin Koski - guitars (2011-present)
Bob Zabel - bass (2010-present)
Randy Wall - drums (2010-present)

Past members:
Bob Sinjakovic - vocals (1987-1988)
Jim Fergades - guitars (1982-1994, 2010-?)
Mike Chappa - bass (1982-1987)
Tony Paletti - bass (1987-1990)
Gary Beimel - bass (1990-1994)
Lance Wolf - drums (1984)
Lee Reynolds - drums (1984-1994)
Chris Jacobs - drums (2010)
Nailed Shut
Hardcore band from California.
Based out of Lisbon, Ohio and were formed several years ago (I am unsure when). They are a self-proclaimed symphonic metal band inspired by Epica, among others. The band has no label.
The band features a vocal duo, with Thomas Ullom screaming and Lindsay Ketchum delivering beautiful, clean melodies. Other members include Garrett Chetock on guitar, Mark Liber on keyboard, Erik Liber on drums, and John Pontuti on bass.
UPDATE: The band has changed their name for copyright reasons, effective Feb. 10, 2017. Their new name is Elantris, and they can be found here:
Name of the band before this one: Lost Souls Divided (LSD)
Discarded name idea: Cyphər
Venue Information:
Lee's Liquor Lounge
101 Glenwood Avenue
Minneapolis, MN, 55405