Ritual Madness Podcast Presents: A Kick Cancers Ass Benefit For Sue Wilson

Ritual Madness Podcast Presents: A Kick Cancers Ass Benefit For Sue Wilson

Sat ยท May 6, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm (event ends at 1:00 am)


"You'll never go anywhere playing that type of music with a band name like that..."

....was a common refrain heard by the members of St. Paul based metal band, Cwn Annwn (pronounced, Coon-uh-NOON, loosely translating as The Hounds of Hell in Welsh mythos.) Their music was outdated. It didn't sound like what was popular. But deaf to the criticism, Cwn Annwn diligently and painstakingly honed their craft. Naysayers slowly but surely became supporters as Cwn Annwn's intense live performances led to capacity crowds at First Avenue, Triple Rock Social Club, Station 4, and other venues throughout the region. Their vision of metal was validated through direct support for established national acts, including Trivium, All That Remains, Exodus, 3 Inches of Blood, Chimaira, Prong, Testament, Divine Heresy, Crisis, Five Finger Death Punch, Watch Them Die, Gojira and others.

Cwn Annwn's music, while decidedly metal, combines a wide array of musical influences to form a sound that is familiar, yet unique. Guitarist and original frontman Neil James' solos and harmonies evoke classic Maiden and Metallica, while bassist Mike Strohkirch's quirky Primus influenced basslines give Cwn Annwn's riffs their distnctive quality. Guitar player Harry Rostovtsev brings a technical aspect derived from Dream Theater prog and Gothenburg pioneers At the Gates. In 2005, drummer Jake Stone joined the group, replacing longtime drummer Marty Allison, incorporating his passion for the complex arrangements of Rush and Tool.

Then, in 2007, shortly after the release of their critically acclaimed debut full length "The Method of Murder," Cwn Annwn shocked their fanbase by announcing that ex-Vile Red singer Julie Schultz would be taking over primary vocal duties, with original frontman Neil James stepping back to focus solely on guitars. Schultz' dynamic voice integrated seamlessly into the band's material, introducing a power and intensity unknown from the band's previous offerings.

With plans to release a new demo in Winter 2007, and several high profile shows on the horizon, Cwn Annwn remains poised to bring their unique brand of metal to a wider audience.
Venue Information:
Lee's Liquor Lounge
101 Glenwood Avenue
Minneapolis, MN, 55405